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Our designs provide for complete blending of technology and nature. From urban, inner-city concealments to tower placements in the wilderness, we have a design and an...

Made in the USA

All of our construction and materials are from the United States, proving the quality that we stand behind...

Exposed Tower

City planners and business owners can avoid unnecessary exposure by having their towers hidden from public view. 

Porter Site Concealment logo with MonopinePorter Site Concealment creates and installs innovative, custom RF transparent cell site concealment solutions for the telecommunication industry. Our product line includes all forms of FRP rooftop structures, monument signage, clock and bell towers, radome systems, mono-trees and many other unusual and custom designs.

We uniquely "Pre-Fabricate" our structures at our facility prior to shipment. Our approach to fabrication delivers the structure to the site, ready to install, reducing crane costs, on-site installation time, overall project expense as well as calming property owners' anxiety during installation. Our fabrication method offers a refreshing alternative to the industry standard of receiving "unassembled" projects on shipping pallets and in crates.

The Porter team of professionals and craftsmen have decades of industry and product experience. Our team's experience, passion for product quality, ongoing commitment to improving ease of installation and devotion to customer service is nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the industry today. Our company is delivering what our clients have been looking for in a trusted concealment vendor. We highly value long-term relationships with our clients. We put your needs first, and strive to earn your loyalty and continued business, through supplying industry-leading products and services. Welcome to our site! Please browse through and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions... We'd be more than happy to speak with you!

Our Mission:

To provide uncompromised quality turn-key concealment solutions through custom design, unique manufacturing systems, superior communication and project management. 

We are committed to earning our clients’ trust and business through our performance.   

Porter Site Concealment is working hard to get our products noticed... 

So yours aren't!

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Camarillo Golf Course Earth/Rock Concealment

Camarillo Golf Course


Report: SoftBank Downsizing U.S. Operations, Giving Up on T-Mobile Bid


SoftBank is scaling down its Silicon Valley operations in a move that could signal the end of the company’s quest to acquire T-Mobile, according to Reuters.


U.S. Cellular Selling Towers, Swapping PCS Spectrum

US Cellular

U.S. Cellular today announced it will sell 595 towers to Vertical Bridge Holdings, LLC for $159 million.   


Positive Train Control Requires Towers Coast to Coast

Ventev True Positive Stop Articulating Tower

New wireless infrastructure is becoming available as railroads roll toward the December 2015 deadline to implement positive train control (PTC), which is the multi-billion-dollar communications-based, accident-prevention system mandated by the government.

Ventev True Positive Stop Articulating Tower

PTC involves outfitting locomotives with cellular and satellite communications equipment. Communications equipment and towers are also required at all non-monitored switch locations, also known as dark territories, all across the country, so the trains will know the position of each switch.


Charitable foundation launched to aid families of injured, deceased tower workers

Families of tower workers that are killed or injured while on the job will be eligible for financial assistance that is designed to help the families pay for short-term needs, thanks to the charitable Tower Industry Family Support Charitable Foundation that was launched yesterday at CTIA’s “Super Mobility Week” in Las Vegas.

Obama Urges Title II Classification for ISPs

Net Neutrality

President Obama Monday made his strongest statement yet in support of strict net neutrality rules, urging the FCC to reclassify Internet service providers (ISPs) as Title II providers. 

In a video statement broadcast online, Obama said that current Internet policies, which have refrained from so-called "toll roads" and "gate keepers," have been essential to maintaining the integrity of the Internet.  


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