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Legere: T-Mobile Will Match and Beat Verizon’s Network in 2015


“We’ll go toe-to-toe with Verizon’s network almost everywhere … and win.” That's T-Mobile CEO John Legere's opening salvo for 2015, as the outspoken executive posted a blog Tuesday of his predictions for the coming year. 

According to Legere, T-Mobile currently reaches 264 million Americans with its LTE network, while Verizon reaches 303 million. 

“So, yeah, there are places we don’t reach yet,” Legere wrote. “But, here’s the interesting part, where we do reach the same people our LTE network is the fastest nationwide. “

Legere goes on to note that in the coming year, T-Mobile will cover 300 million people with LTE, blanket 150 metro areas with Wideband LTE, and deploy 700 Mhz spectrum in approximately 350 metro areas. 



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