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For 20 years the Porter team of professionals and craftsmen have dedicated their industry experience and product knowledge to the custom fabrication and installation of our products. As described in our Case Studies, we carry a passion for product quality and are committed to improving the design, manufacturing and installation process. We do this with devotion to customer service. Our company will deliver what our customers have been looking for in a trusted FRP manufacturer and vendor.
Case Studies

Strongwell Case STudies

Modern Apartment Complex Stays Classy By Using FRP

PORTER FRP Solutions initiated the sourcing of fiberglass components as a more suitable alternative to solve the challenging environmental needs of the building’s prominent outdoor structures.

Strongwell Case Studies

Using FRP to Hide Equipment In Plain Sight

For over a decade, Porter FRP, located in Perris, California, has been fabricating with pultruded fiberglass and structural composites. With its vast experience, Porter FRP has been able to demonstrate and showcase the practicality of using fiberglass in high profile locations with both structural and
aesthetic requirements.

Strongwell Case STudies

Composite Shapes Bring Industrial Aesthetic to Residential Complex

Porter FRP was recently hired to outfit this new development with high-profile materials possessing architectural flair with low maintenance requirements. Porter selected Strongwell’s EXTREN® 525 series not only because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, and UV performance, but also because of its natural industrial look, which fit well with the desired fascia aesthetics and structural support needs. To welcome new renters with an industrial motif, the leasing office requested an exposed subtle beam threshold. Three EXTREN® I-Beams (12″ x 6″x 1/2″) were utilized for this application.

Strongwell Case Studies

Radius Screen Wall Hidden in Plain ‘Site’

For the unique needs of this project, Porter FRP presented a lightweight fiberglass solution which completely concealed the cellular system while adding architectural flair. The owner of the building requested limited use of heavy machinery so as to minimize disruption to building occupants. The products used were EXTREN® 4″ x 1/4″ tube, 4″ x 1/4″ angle, and 1/8″ plate. All of which are LARR (Los Angeles Research Report) approved.aesthetic requirements.

Strongwell Case Studies

Clock Faces Cellular Needs with FRP

Porter Concealment was hired to accomplish this job due to their extensive experience with the fabrication of composites for architectural and structural applications. The team at Porter channeled their creativity and past experience to design and prefabricate a functioning clock tower, which also conceals the cellular antennas. The four-sided structure was comprised of LARR-approved materials, including: EXTREN® 1/8″ plate, 4″ tube, and 4″ inch angle.

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Porter FRP Inc. offers design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom FRP products. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) provides industry leaders a non-corrosive, steel alternative. We work directly with clients in the architectural landscape, engineering , luxury development, theming, entertainment, and telecommunication industries.

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